Fútbol Café

Our coffee has been planted by soccer players from all over the world.

It is a specialty and organic coffee production from Risaralda, Colombia for the soccer world and beyond!

On Tuesday, October 11, 2016, during the Copa Americana international soccer tournament in Pereira, the Italian Soccer Academy U10 & U12 Elite teams broke ground and planted the way for an Organic Coffee crop at the Marles Family farm (owned by Mr. Alirio Marles) in Pereira, Colombia where 2 acres of land were reserved for the coffee plantation. Since then, the soccer player planting efforts have extended (fields and varieties of coffee) into several nearby farms in the coffee growing region of Risaralda.

Our specialty coffee stems from a traditional Castillo Rosario variety in ranges of 1,650 meters above sea level.

A percentage of the net proceeds from our coffee sales will go to the “No Pay To Play” program of the Italian Soccer Academy. This fund allows hundreds of children from around the globe to attend international tournaments with all paid expenses.

We will devote time and affection to our coffee, staying true to our ecological values and objectives. Our coffee will be 100% organic in some of our farms, while others will be goal scoring specialty varieties. We look forward to you sipping your 100% organic or specialty Colombian coffee planted by soccer loving children!

The Italian Soccer Academy’s Tree Planting Initiative focuses on planting life for a sustainable future and educating our children in environmental awareness.

The Italian Soccer Academy strongly believes that we have a duty and privilege to operate our programs in an environmentally conscious manner. From the smallest adjustments such as serving environmentally friendly meals at our Colombia, Italy and USA venues, to using cardboard and recycled packaging, to avoiding plastic water bottles and containers, every initiative whether big or small is important and brings us closer to a sustainable future. Thank you for your love and support!