ITSA Fundraiser

The Italian Soccer Academy (ITSA) is an affiliation program for clubs, players and families, and currently provides a network of services in the soccer environment.

One of its main focuses is trainer support, formation and education through a guided process lead by UEFA certified trainers that develop the ITSA curriculum. This curriculum is specifically aimed at players and their development, guided by a capable training staff.

The Italian Soccer Academy is an environmentally focused organization. To this effect, ITSA has partnered with Legend Soccer, a company developing eco-friendly, soccer-related products that line up with the values and environmental philosophies at the core of the ITSA program; currently, ITSA and Legend Soccer offer the Legend 1, a pair of strong, light and enviro-aware shin guards:

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A portion of all sales go back to the NO PAY TO PLAY program, which allows ITSA to offer many, many players the opportunity to be part of the program, having their costs greatly reduced or covered altogether.


The Italian Soccer Academy strongly believe that we have a duty and privilege to operate our programs in an environmentally conscious manner. From the smallest adjustments such as serving environmentally friendly meals at our Colombia and USA venues, to using cardboard and recycled packaging, to avoiding plastic water bottles and containers, every initiative whether big or small is important and brings us closer to a sustainable future.

Because children are the backbone of the world and through our program we possess the power of influence, we are leading by example and setting a high standard for sustainability. We teach our participants that everyone genuinely has the power to get involved and make a difference creating endless possibilities for the future of society.