Fútbol Café Fundraising

Fútbol Café Fundraising

Stepstone Enterprises and the Italian Soccer Academy believe our purpose is driven by gratitude and contribution because we are inspired by helping others and seeing them succeed. Our Fundraising Program (#Notpaytoplay #Nopagarparajugar) has been allowing us to reach this outstanding result. Fútbol Café is a genuine way to fundraise for your school, non-profit, church, sports team, college, small groups, mission trip, PTO/PTA, club, or any other organization requiring a unique idea – It is planted by soccer players and delivered to you fresh!

Every Sip Keeps The Ball Rolling!

A Fútbol Café fundraiser offers a high-quality product and great pricing with a genuine, true success story behind it. Fútbol Café is planted by soccer players!


-Everybody loves and drinks coffee so you are sure to sell!
-No startup fees or minimum orders
-Custom color labels with your name and logo
-100% Arabica organic coffee roasted fresh for each fundraiser
-30% profit margins for traditional fundraisers
-Delivered within 3 weeks with free shipping over 150 items
-Dedicated fundraising specialist support
-Product can be stored at room temperature
-Product separated per participant


You are looking for uniquely easy fundraising initiatives for coordinators, participants, and supporters. The uniqueness of Fútbol Café is its quality and story. Coffee is easy to sell, and easy to buy. Over 60% of Americans drink 3 cups of coffee daily, with even more having coffee in their home.

Looking for an awesome fundraiser? Fútbol Café simplifies fundraising for

Sports Teams, Schools, Churches and Non-Profit Groups.

Coffee in line

Proudly display your group’s logo on our customized Fútbol Café Fundraiser bags!



With this fundraising program participants use our convenient brochures to sell their Coffee to friends, family, and neighbors for great profits!

Starting is simple and easy!

-Let us know how many participants you have (sales brochures will be sent directly to you – free of charge!)
-Distribute forms and kick off fundraiser (typically fundraisers will run for about two weeks)
-Collect all order forms and payment from participants
-Tally the orders and send us payment for coffee
-We roast your orders fresh, separate per participant, and ship to your organization for distribution (Free shipping on orders of 150 items or more!) You will receive your shipment in three weeks or less!
-You get to keep your proceeds right up front.