Italian Experience Week Milan, Italy

The Italian Experience Week (IEW) is the most important event for all the participants of the selection camps. The IEW also includes the Copa Italo-Americana and the Milan Junior Camp day in some cases, and is a unique celebration full of challenges in a fun and inclusive sport environment. Every year at the end of the Camp selection season, the highest level players from all camps worldwide are selected by the Italian Soccer Academy (ITSA) technical staff to participate in a event organized in Milan, Italy. Special packages are put together to enable players to travel and experience all the events prepared for them while in Italy.

The Italian Experience Week

Players participating in the IEW will experience:
  • Training with ITSA Coaches
  • Copa Italo-Americana Tournament and MJC Day tournament in some cases
  • Italian League Game
  • Shopping & Sightseeing
  • Raffles, Team Building and More…
The only way to participate in this event is for your player to be identified at one of the Italian Soccer Academy Camps offered worldwide.  View our list of camps and register now for the opportunity for your child to be identified in the next scheduled Camp.

Information for Selected Players

Eddie MarlesCongratulations for having been selected among thousands of children from around the world. It is a great privilege and honor for me to extend this very important invitation to you. As a selected Camp talent, you will now have the opportunity of living an experience that will last you a life time. I look forward to seeing you in Milan, as I will be your host while you are there. Kindly read carefully through the following information so that you are well informed and prepared for your trip. Good luck and best regards,

Eddie Marles
Italian Soccer Academy and Milan Junior Youth Program Coordinator


What to Expect

Hotel: It is located 5 minutes from the world famous Montenapoleone street and the fashion district, the Duomo and only 100 yards from the “Public Gardens” park of Milan. It is also only one train stop from Corso Buenos Aires, just steps away from dozens of restaurants, bars and stores.

Stadium: The San Siro Stadium, or Giuseppe Meazza was built in 1925 in the western part of Milan; since then, it has seen several renovations, and has also been host to a large quantity of events, such as 1990 World Cup games, UEFA Champions League finals, and many, many exciting Serie A (Italian Soccer League) games.

  • Pitch:
    Length: 105 metres
    Width: 68 metres
    Surface: Grass
    Inauguration: September 19, 1926
    Capacity: 80,000

The stadium can be reached by Subway and in game-days, free buses run from the Lotto subway station. Transportation for participants will be included.

About Italian Food

Italian food is very regional and seasonal; it can vary a lot from one city to another. Milan is located in the Lombardy region, in the northern part of the country, and fresh vegetables and cold cuts (ham, turkey) can frequently be seen from August to the early parts of November.

Pasta is a big part of Italian cuisine; it is most often found as a main dish, and accompanied by salads, and sometimes beef or chicken in a different course.

Pizza is another very well-known staple of the Italian culinary. However, the most common types of pizzas found in America are a mix of styles; for example, if you order a “pepperoni pizza” you will not be served with the thinly sliced spicy sausage we have all come to know. Peperoni is the Italian word for peppers! You’ll want to order salame piccante (hot salami slices).

It is not easy to find proper meals outside lunch and dinner hours. You will find plenty of bars and cafés, but they will only serve paninos, simple sandwiches of dried bread, cheese, ham and sometimes tomato.