Italian Soccer Academy

The Italian Soccer Academy (ITSA) is an affiliation program for clubs, players and families, and currently provides a network of services in the industry of soccer.

One of its main focuses is trainer support, formation and education through a guided process lead by UEFA certified trainers that develop the ITSA curriculum.  This curriculum is specifically aimed at players and their development, guided by a capable training staff .

The program highlights technical support in guiding trainers, players and affiliated clubs in the importance of a structured progression of the training curriculum and player development, focusing on the formation of age appropriate fundamental skills beginning at ages 6-8 and onwards.

Into adolescence, ITSA provides players with quality cultural and educational knowledge of the sport, as well as International competitive experience and awareness of the importance of character, family values, independence, organization and tolerance. These skills, values and traits are the core of what the ITSA strives to instill in participants, staff and families. The ITSA International Student Exchange Program in Milan, Italy for example is one of the various tools created to reach these goals.

The ITSA owns and operates camps, soccer schools, International tournaments, coaching support courses and other soccer related activities offered within its services,, including the Pro Intern Program, Extended Pro Intern Program and the Student Exchange Program. The Italian Soccer Academy and operates currently in 18 different countries around the world, including Italy, USA, Mexico and Colombia.

The ITSA players compete at an elite level as part of an International tournament circuit. Qualified players are eligible to participate in the ITSA in long term programs leading to University and Professional football opportunities.

The Italian Soccer Academy is an environmentally focused organization.