Pro Intern Program info

PIP processes: January or April. Only eligible players only.

The Pro Intern Program aims at allowing players of ages 14 through 19 to experience a true professional team scenario and training program. The program consists of three intense weeks of training, under the leadership of Italian Soccer Academy UEFA certified coaches in Milan, Italy.

One of the objectives of the process is to allow players to thoroughly understand their tactical abilities or deficiencies, presented with various tactical options based on Italian Football Methodology and professional team tactical scenarios, while supporting them in polishing their individual tactics and technique.

In order to accomplish these set objectives, we will provide daily dual training sessions for the players (Some players may not be prepared to handle the physical requirement of dual session training, therefore we have created other spaces and activities that will prepare them for this intense workload. These activities include strength and conditioning, flexibility and stretching exercises, warm up and cool down routines to reduce injury and tactical analysis sessions.). The dual training sessions are performed throughout the length of the stay of the players. This work schedule is aimed at preparing the players for their stage with professional clubs, based on the level of performance they will reach after the second week of training. Professional team tryouts will be subject to the level of the players at the time of the final evaluation which Will take place at the end of the second week of training.

All players must provide video footage that will be used for evaluation and tryout purposes. This must be sent at least 2 weeks before the beginning of the program.

Summary of the program:

–Program aims at providing each player an unforgettable experience in the life of a professional football player.
–Exposing the player to the reality of his true state of technical and tactical skill.

We can better support him and his family in making wise decisions in regards to his future in academics or into professional football.

This program also serves as a preview for our International Student Exchange Program and provides support for those players interested in the program that are looking to make a decision, this allows them to experience (during the three weeks) what an Exchange player would have to adapt to during their yearly stay in Milan during the International Student Exchange Program.

Pro Intern Program – Basic Package

Fee: $2,650 Euro (Only player)
Dates: January or April

* Multiple Accommodation
* Breakfast
* Lunch during the stay
* Dinners during the stay
* Transport(Airport – Hotel – Airport).
* Transport(Hotel – Activities – Hotel).
* Right to train and technical direction by Italian trainers
*ITSA training kit
*Pro team try out – subject to level
*Player evaluation and post experience work plan

NOTE: Airfare NOT included