Stepstone Enterprises

Stepstone Enterprises (SSE) is a unique and versatile organization. It is an environmentally focused, family-oriented event and resource management company founded by Eddie Marles in 2006 with mission to serve communities around the world.

SSE places emphasis on developing leadership and providing tools to strengthen personal and life skills for its clients.

SSE focuses on a very important resource. The human Resource. We (SSE) invest our time, energy, effort and funding in creating and providing lifetime experiences for children and adults, with firm conviction of generating positive change in each individual that we meet.

How we contribute: Funds for achieving all philanthropic efforts are generated entirely through company events. These efforts include scholarship programs for education, travel and leadership platform programs.

SSE is the creator and manager of the Italian Soccer Academy Program

  • All activities here are created, managed and organized by Stepstone Enterprises LLC under a ”single-use plastic free” policy as an important environmental objective
  • The activities include hospitality, logistics and preparations for camps, tournaments, team travel, technical program design and structuring.

Stepstone Enterprises currently manages the following:


  • Manufacturing and distribution of Eco friendly, Bio-degradable single-use supplies for public and private institutions
  • Organic coffee production (planted by our players)

Sports Management:

  • Professional Player management
  • Youth player and Elite team management
  • Leadership and life skills program
  • International visa processing for players and staff
  • Event coordination in USA, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, ABC islands, Canada, Zimbabwe, Panama, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela, Mexico, Italy, South Africa.
  • 4 International Youth Tournaments
  • 20 weeks of camp each year (in 19 different countries)
  • International Student Exchange program
  • Youth Elite International teams
  • University Showcase program and player support
  • Pro Player Showcase program

Other Facts

  • Over 1000 contacts in the football market, including FIFA, UEFA, JFA, AFC, CONCACAF, CONMEBOL, and other football federations and confederations as well as player and coaching associations in North and South America